Innovative Realtime Smart Sensors

Your solution to customizable realtime industrial-grade sensors with globally connected control and data analysis.

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What is SyncOTA?

Traditionally, sensor acquisition, industrial control, and data analysis were always hassles that involved big machines, routing wires, and installing bulky processors that are confined to a computer. Not anymore! Introducing SyncOTA, the latest IoT realtime sensor system that allows you to easily perform sensor data acquisition with devices that require minimal installation and no learning curve. SyncOTA is a scalable global platform that work with Makitronics IoT pods to enhance your workflow allowing you to be connected everywhere with low-latency data reporting.

All-In-One Solution

Hardware is provided with every package, with minimal configuration needed. Sensor devices are rechargeable and reusable.

Robust and Versatile

SyncOTA products are reliable and designed for durability and versatility. SyncOTA can be used on a daily basis to monitor changes to sensors.


Scalable and Customizable

SyncOTA provides a scalable online platform that allows one or more devices to be managed and configured as much as needed.


SyncOTA Mobile

The SyncOTA App is available for both Android and iOS devices. Clients and users can sign in to manage devices.


The SyncOTA IDE is an environment that allows devices to be administered and configured by admins and clients.

Smarter Sensors, Better Automation


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  1. Sign up and buy a SyncOTA device

    Sign up for a free SyncOTA account and buy an IoT connected SyncOTA device.

  2. Specify your realtime data stream 

    Tell SyncOTA how to manage your sensors and streaming data. Your sensors will do the rest.

  3. Control your sensors and export CSV data

    Control your SyncOTA sensors and download your data anytime you want using the SyncOTA Dashboard.

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